What Can You Charge With a Portable Power Station?

Portable Power Station

A portable power station is basically like a giant battery. It can charge and store a significant amount of power that it can then divvy out to whatever devices or appliances you hook up to it. 

These small but mighty machines are becoming more common and more popular as people’s lives get busier, more on the go, and more dependent on electronics. They’re reliable whether you’re going on a camping trip and need a reliable and portable power source, or you’d like a backup at home in case the electricity gets cut. No matter the reason, portable power stations are excellent investments. 

Here is everything they can charge.

Cell Phones and Laptops

The most immediate question you might have when considering portable power stations is whether or not they can charge cell phones and laptops. The answer is a resounding yes. No matter how high voltage you station, how portable it really is, and what brand you buy, you will have ample electricity as far as small electronics like cell phones and laptops go. 

Make sure if you buy a PPS, it is outfitted with as many standard outlets as you need. There are many different outlets designed for devices as large as electric cars and as small as portable batteries. If you’re doing a lot of small device charging, ensure you’re getting an appropriate amount of outlets in your power station.

Small Appliances

Sizing up, we get to small appliances. Think kitchen gadgets: toasters, blenders, microwaves. But also DVD players, portable speakers, mini-fridges, etc. These aren’t devices you charge like you would cellphones and laptops. Instead, you need to plug them in to use them at all.

So if you plan to use your PPS to power several small appliances at once, you need to look at its power capacity, not the number of outlets. A station at the top end of the capacity range, at around 1500Wh, has around 65 hours of DC and 22 hours of AC. 

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Large Appliances

Are you looking to power appliances like a full-size refrigerator, run a washer and drier, or recharge an electric car? You may only be able to power one or two at a time and not for very long. Estimates of how long a portable power station can power these large appliances range from 4-15 hours, so use it wisely!

Charging With Solar

One of the exciting new developments in PPS technology is using solar to charge rather than traditional electricity via a wall outlet. 

Admittedly, there has been some talk about the downsides of solar power as it has become more popular. Still, it is an efficient, strong, and renewable energy source. 

And the industry is rapidly growing, so it’s time to get in on the ground floor before prices explode.

Get off the Grid

If you want to get off the grid, you can do it. With a portable power station with solar charging capabilities, you can get all you need from your environment.

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