Mouse and keyboard vs. controller: which is the best option for computer video games

Mouse and keyboard vs. controller

Which is better for playing video games: a keyboard and mouse or a controller? We open the ban on comparisons.

One of the oldest debates in the world of video games does not seem to end at the moment. It’s no surprise that when it comes to choosing whether a mouse and keyboard is a better tool than a controller, opinions are strong, given the importance placed on the gaming experience.

There is no clear answer to this debate, but we are going to expose both sides of the coin to see if we can shed some light on this intense topic of debate.

Keyboard Warrior

If you are reading this, it is because you may have experience with keyboards. Let’s start there.

Keyboards have been, for years, the quintessential resource for computer video games, and with good reason. The 104 keys available on a full-size device provide a wide selection of possible inputs, and the game mapping features offered by these easy-to-access keys mean developers and gamers alike can enjoy great flexibility when it comes to playing. to decide how they want to control their experience.

Developers have successfully implemented complex user interfaces into controllers, but the wide range of input on a keyboard is a clear advantage in intense games like MMORPGs or RTS. These genres began to be played on computers, so it’s no surprise that they evolved around the keyboard and mouse as their main sources of control.

Keyboards also offer the option of using macros, which are a series of commands tied to a single input. Many modern keyboards have dedicated a specific space for macro keys, and this process of linking multiple commands with a single keypress can be of great benefit in complex games, not to mention in everyday comfort.

And, when it comes to choosing the right keyboard, there are a wide variety of options available. The world of keyboards is very varied and ranges from different form factors, such as keyboards without number keys (tenkeyless) or ergonomic keyboards, to custom keys and an incredible selection of switches or switches.

Point and Click

The main advantage mice have over controllers is the precision they provide when aiming, as well as the range of motion provided by the additional surface area of ​​the mouse pad. This means potentially faster movement, depending on the dots per inch (DPI) setting and the quality of settings and customizable inputs.

The most obvious advantage of a mouse over a controller is that it makes aiming easier. In a first-person shooter game, or in any game that requires a lot of precision, the mouse is a great competitor, as it makes it easier to execute reaction shots, such as flick shots. This advantage is so important that sometimes controller FPS adds aim assist, which is designed to mitigate this inherent disadvantage.

The other benefit directly related to the increased surface area is that clicking and dragging with the mouse is more intuitive than with the controller. This is important when control precision on selected units, such as in RTS games or MOBAs, is a priority. Also, add a scroll wheel that makes it easy to click on weapon commands or zoom in and out on a map, and the advantages of the mouse are clear.

Mice, like keyboards, vary widely in functionality and design, including features such as modular design, customizable buttons, and an extensive selection of options for every type of gamer.

In other words, there are mice and keyboards for just about everyone, and they’re often designed to give you a competitive advantage.

Remote Control with Audio

Before going on to see what are the alternatives to keyboards and mice for video games, we should define what we mean by “command”.

A controller can be anything from the simple Magnavox Odyssey devices of the early 1970s, to modern flight sticks for flight simulators, designed to emulate a flight deck. However, when it comes to direct keyboard and mouse comparison, controllers like Sony’s DualShock 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox controller will surely come to mind for many.

These controllers are made up of a set of buttons, pressure-sensitive triggers, and dual joysticks used for movement instead of a mouse. Depending on the manufacturer, they can also carry touchpads, directional controls, lights, buzzers, and much more. There are important variations, even within this limited description, that have high-end options, such as the Xbox Elite, which includes levers on the back of the controller for more efficient input, or the Steam Controller for PC of the Valve company.

Control Comparison

What differences exist when playing with a controller or with the keyboard and mouse?

For many, the main difference is convenience and ease of access. The keyboard and mouse can be an efficient toolkit for work and play, but they aren’t specially designed to fit in your hands like the controller is, and they tend to be less portable. While there are options like wireless keyboards and mice and plenty of features to enable a high-quality PC gaming experience, sometimes people prefer the simplicity of a controller.

Controllers may have fewer input options to work with, but these inputs are often more accurate than binary input from a keyboard.

Analog sticks may lack the precision and speed that the mouse has, but pressing lightly forward will make the character walk while pressing harder will make the character run. By pressing a pressure-sensitive button, the vehicle will slowly move forward; pressing down puts the throttle down. These context-sensitive buttons can provide movement stability that is difficult to achieve with a keyboard. The joystick also makes continuous movements, like panning a camera, for example, more consistent.

Although there are keyboards that experiment with pressure-sensitive plug-ins, they are not very common. This means that controllers tend to stand out among players of car video games, such as Rocket League, or video games that require precise movements, such as Dark Souls.


It may not be the most satisfying answer, but the truth is that there is no clear victory between the keyboard and the mouse over the controller.

It all depends on the type of game you are playing and, above all, on your personal preferences. Either can be a good option to play; you just have to decide which one you prefer.

And the good news is that you don’t have to choose.

One of the advantages of computer video games is that you can use the keyboard and the mouse, the controller, or both. You don’t even have to choose while you’re playing, because many games have the option to switch between them mid-game. You can use the mouse and keyboard when using weapons in Battlefield and then pick up the controller when continuously transitioning in a vehicle. Flexibility is the key to PC gaming, and that goes for deciding how you want to control the game as well. So whether you want to play Starcraft with a dance pad or Mortal Kombat with a flight stick, the choice is yours.

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