How to clean the trackpad of a laptop well and not spoil it in the attempt

How to clean the trackpad of a laptop well and not spoil it in the attempt
How to clean the trackpad of a laptop well and not spoil it in the attempt

Few households do not have a laptop: they take up little space, are easy to move around, and can offer the same features and power as a desktop computer.

This type of equipment replaces, if desired, the use of the mouse for something much more comfortable: the trackpad, touchpad, or touch panel. Thanks to it we will perform the same actions and even new gestures quickly, but of course, they are also prone to getting dirty. We must be careful when performing maintenance.

Care and skill, are the keys to a good cleaning of the trackpad

It is important not to create a scenario in which the touch panel of our laptop is excessively damaged by dirt and even liquids, since they are usually highly sensitive components. Therefore, we should avoid using it with dirty hands, for example, when eating snacks or nuts). Likewise, we must avoid spilling drinks on it or any other part of the laptop.

Despite everything, and although the laptop is specially designed to endure, as is the case with the Lenovo Ideapad range, simple daily use and the slightest dirt that we can have on our fingers will cause them to end up needing a good cleaning at the end of the day. weather.

Soft cloths and patience

In case we decide to clean the trackpad and, as is logical, we do not want to damage it in the attempt, the best option is to carry out the cleaning while the equipment is completely off and cold, we must take extreme risks.

The most effective tool is a simple soft microfiber cloth very lightly dampened with water. It is very important to drain it well and avoid at all costs that it can drip or form puddles on the trackpad during cleaning since the water can seep into the interior.

The key is to always use soft clothes applying the necessary force throughout the process and never clothes that can leave lint. We must also flee from those that incorporate some type of disinfectant with bleach or detergents. They just need to be moistened with water.

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Other tools we all have at home

Another trick that can work, if there is an area that is particularly resistant to cleaning, is to use pieces of tape applied, very carefully but forcefully, directly on the dirt. By sticking the tape on the trackpad, any residue will stick to it.

It is an operation that we recommend doing, however, once we have cleaned the trackpad with the cloth, make sure that it is very clean.

And, in general, if any liquid is spilled or dirt falls on the equipment, it must be cleaned immediately so that it does not penetrate inside or damage the touch panel.

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