Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better?

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better (1)

Mechanical keyboards have been the go-to choice for gamers and typists for decades now and for good reason. They are much more durable, and comfortable, and provide a superior typing experience compared to their non-mechanical counterparts. In this article, we will explore why mechanical keyboards are better than non-mechanical keyboards and why they are the preferred choice for many.

What Are Mechanical Keyboards?

What Are Mechanical Keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards are keyboards that use mechanical switches to register key presses. Unlike the rubber domes and scissor switches that are used in traditional keyboards, mechanical switches provide tactile and audible feedback when pressed, allowing for a more precise and satisfying typing experience. Mechanical keyboards are popular amongst gamers and typists alike due to their durability, responsiveness, and customizable features.

The Reasons Why Mechanical Keyboards are Better

Better For Gaming

Mechanical keyboards are a great choice for gaming because they offer better tactile feedback and are more durable than membrane keyboards. They also have a longer lifespan, allowing gamers to enjoy a better gaming experience for longer. Mechanical keyboards also provide better accuracy, allowing gamers to make faster and more precise movements while playing. Additionally, they come with a variety of features such as customizable keys, better backlighting, and different switch types, which can enhance the overall gaming experience.

Better For Typing

Mechanical keyboards are far superior to regular keyboards when it comes to typing. Mechanical keyboards offer a much more tactile and comfortable typing experience. The switches found in mechanical keyboards are designed to provide a satisfying click when pressed, making typing more efficient and enjoyable. Mechanical keyboards are also much more durable than regular keyboards, so you can expect a longer lifespan. Furthermore, mechanical keyboards often come with advanced features like programmable keys, multiple switch types, and RGB lighting, making them great for gaming and other activities. If you’re looking for a keyboard that will last and make typing a pleasure, a mechanical keyboard is a way to go.

Better for Ergonomics

Mechanical keyboards are rapidly becoming the preferred choice for ergonomics due to their enhanced tactile feedback and adjustable switches. The tactile feedback allows users to type with more accuracy and responsiveness, while adjustable switches allow users to customize the amount of force needed to register a keystroke. This makes them perfect for writers, gamers, and professionals who need to type or game for long periods of time.

Additionally, mechanical keyboards have a longer lifespan than their non-mechanical counterparts, meaning that they are a much more cost-effective option in the long run. Finally, mechanical keyboards are often more aesthetically pleasing than their non-mechanical counterparts, allowing users to customize their keyboards with colorful keycaps and improved lighting. Overall, mechanical keyboards are the clear choice for ergonomics.

Sound Better

Mechanical keyboards are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a superior typing experience. Not only do they provide the tactile feedback that many typists prefer, but they also sound much better than their non-mechanical counterparts. The audible click of the switches and the satisfying sound of a keypress make mechanical keyboards a must-have for anyone who takes typing seriously. Plus, with the range of switches available, you can customize your keyboard to match your typing style.

Better to the Touch

Mechanical keyboards are the preferred choice for gamers and typists who need a reliable, tactile experience. Unlike membrane keyboards, which use rubber membranes to actuate the keys, mechanical keyboards use individual switches for each key. This gives the keyboard a more tactile and responsive feel, enabling you to type or game faster and more accurately. The individual switches also last longer than membrane keyboards, so you won’t have to worry about your keys wearing out as quickly. Mechanical keyboards also tend to be louder than membrane keyboards, which can add an extra layer of satisfaction to your gaming or typing experience. If you’re looking for a keyboard that is reliable and provides a great typing experience, then a mechanical keyboard is the way to go.

Feel More Real

Mechanical keyboards offer a distinct feeling of satisfaction that regular keyboards just can’t match. The tactile feedback of the keys and their satisfyingly loud clicks make the user feel like they are truly typing and interacting with the keyboard. The feeling of the keys under your fingertips is much more real and engaging than a regular keyboard, making it an essential part of a great typing experience.

Esthetic Options

Mechanical keyboards are becoming increasingly popular with gamers and computer enthusiasts alike, due to their superior tactile feedback and aesthetically pleasing designs. Not only do they feel great to type on, but they also offer a range of customization options to make them truly unique. From custom keycaps to a range of switch types, mechanical keyboards give users the opportunity to create a unique typing experience that looks, feels, and sounds great. On top of that, they are often more durable than traditional keyboards, making them a worthwhile investment that will last the test of time.

Work as Interior Design

Mechanical keyboards can be used as an interesting and unique interior design piece. They can be used to add a retro-gaming vibe to any space or to simply stand out as a unique and interesting design element. Mechanical keyboards come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, allowing for a range of customization options. Whether used as a main feature or as an accent piece, mechanical keyboards are sure to make a statement in any room.

More Sustainable

Mechanical keyboards are a great option for those who desire a more sustainable and durable typing experience. Unlike their membrane counterparts, mechanical keyboards offer an incredibly robust mechanical switch design which allows for a longer life span and smoother keystrokes. This, in turn, helps to reduce the amount of waste created by the disposal of keyboards, making them a much more sustainable choice for those looking for a longer-lasting typing experience. Additionally, mechanical keyboards come with a variety of customization options, allowing users to tailor their keyboards to their specific typing needs, helping to reduce strain on the device.

More Programmable

Mechanical keyboards are becoming increasingly popular for their durability and programmability. With the ability to customize your keyboard to fit the exact needs of your workflow, you can make sure you are always working at peak efficiency. You can adjust the key layout, switch actuation, and macros to make sure you are typing and gaming exactly the way you want. Mechanical keyboards also have longer lifespans than their membrane counterparts, so you can trust that your investment will last you years to come.


Mechanical keyboards are customizable, allowing you to choose the type of key switch, the keycaps, and even the lighting effects for a truly unique experience. With a variety of different switches to choose from, you can customize your mechanical keyboard to meet your exact needs. You can also choose from a variety of different keycaps, from traditional designs to gaming-focused designs. Finally, you can choose from a wide range of lighting effects, such as backlighting, underflow, and RGB lighting, to customize your keyboard and make it your own.

More Durable and Last Longer

Mechanical keyboards are more durable and last longer than other types of keyboards. They are made with individual mechanical switches, which are designed to be more reliable and responsive than standard membrane keys. Mechanical keyboards also have stronger construction and better build quality, making them less susceptible to damage or wear. The long-lasting nature of mechanical keyboards makes them ideal for gamers and typists who value reliability and performance.


In conclusion, mechanical keyboards are superior to other types of keyboards due to their superior typing experience, durability, and customization options. They are more expensive than other types of keyboards, but the long-term investment pays off in the end. Mechanical keyboards are reliable and provide a better typing experience for those who type for long periods of time. They also provide a more customizable experience for gamers and typists who want to have complete control over their keyboard layout. With the right mechanical keyboard, a person can have a quality typing experience for years to come.

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