Tips for choosing the perfect Kashmir tour package

Tips for choosing the perfect Kashmir tour package

Kashmir is a state which is known for its beauty and landscapes. The mountains, hills, and landscapes of Kashmir have made it a popular destination to visit. This has made it a breathtaking place with a vibrant and beautiful culture. But when it comes to planning a trip to Kashmir, it is very necessary to select the right Kashmir tour packages from Srinagar. Selecting the right and best package will make your trip memorable and smooth. Here are some most important tips that should be considered while buying any package.

  1. Define your journey: Before blindly purchasing any of the packages, you must have defined your journey, your preferences, and priorities for where you want to go. You should have determined the number of days you are going to stay, activities you are going to do, and places you are going to visit. This will help you in choosing the package which meets all the requirements based on your preferences.
  1. Accommodation options: Kashmir offers a wide range of options to accommodate. From houseboats to luxurious hotels, you can choose anyone as per your budget and preference. It offers you hotels from where you can see the view of the mountains. But before selecting any package you must ensure that the package includes that accommodation which suits your budget and meet your expectation. 
  1. Transportation and transfer: Transportation if facility is as necessary as accommodation. A well-planned and best package contains the transportation facility from the arrival point to the destination. The transportation facility should be covered in the package. You should make sure that expense of transportation is added. Also, the transportation within and outside the region should be comfortable and reliable so that your trip does not become hectic. It should be hassle-free.
  1. Local experiences: While planning to visit Kashmir, it is not only about the scenic beauty of Kashmir. It is about local experiences and indulging yourself in their culture. Always look for a package that will make sure that it contains experiences like a visit to local markets, shikara rides, or interacting with the local people of Kashmir, etc. These will add moments to your journey and will make it a memorable trip.
  1. Customization options: It is not necessary that you get a package that contains all your requirements. Everyone’s preference is different for traveling and hence it is one of the important factors that the package should contain the customization option. The package should allow you to make changes according to your needs. This might be the changes in duration of stay or changes in places to visit, or changes in activities you will be performing, etc.


In conclusion, using the above-mentioned tips you can select the best Kashmir tour packages which will ensure that your journey and visit to Kashmir will be memorable one. Always select that package which not only suits your budget but also your most of the needs. 

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