Things you must know before undergoing teeth whitening

undergoing teeth whitening

If you want a brighter smile, then teeth-whitening is a good option. When it comes to Teeth Whitening Wimbledon, there is again two options, namely “in office” or “in chair” bleaching of the teeth and “at home” care using kits.

It is important to mention that bleaching agents based on peroxide are used in both these options. “In office” or “in chair” procedure uses bleaching agents that contains anywhere between 15% and 43% peroxide, whereas the “at home” option makes use of 3% to 20% peroxide. Usually carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is used in these processes.

The teeth will be whiter, the longer a stronger solution you keep on them. But with teeth-whitening you have to be excessively careful, as the stronger a teeth whitening solution (that is the higher the percentage of peroxide present) the shorter it must be applied to the teeth. If a stronger whitening gel or solution is left on the teeth longer, it dehydrates the teeth making you suffer from tooth sensitivity.

Both “at home” and “in chair” options have their own pros and cons. But it is important to note that before trying “at home” kits to bleach your teeth you must discuss the matter with your dentist. Everyone does not get stunning results with “at home”. It is also important to note that the bleaching agents used to whiten the teeth cannot whiten composite bonding that come in the colour of the tooth and porcelain crowns.

“In chair” or “in office” whitening of the teeth

“In chair” or “in office” whitening of the teeth which is done by your dentist is a much faster procedure when the result is concerned. It gets your teeth brighter faster. The bleaching solution used in this procedure is much stronger compared to the one in “at home” kits, explains a dentist who provides teeth whitening in Wimbledon, London over the years.

Apart from using a stronger bleaching agent, the “in office” or “in chair” procedure makes use of heat, light and combination of the both to intensify as well as speed up the whitening process. The procedure takes about half an hour to 60 minutes to make your teeth up to three to eight shades brighter.

There are also procedures that can whiten your teeth to the level of your satisfaction in a single appointment that lasts for two hours. The Zoom teeth-whitening is one such procedure which is pretty popular in the UK. The cost of “in chair” procedure to whiten the teeth varies widely and ranges between £400 and £800.

Your options for “at home” bleaching of the teeth

There are several options to choose from for bleaching your teeth at home.

  • Whitening strips and gels for the teeth

Whether you are using a gel or a strip you use it directly to the teeth. If it is gel you are using in that case you have to use your toothbrush. This range of products to whiten the teeth is thoroughly based on peroxide. You are supposed to use these products for 10 to 14 days at a stretch, once or twice daily. The whitening effect achieved from these strips and gels usually lingers for several months. The product costs within the range of £8 to £45, depending upon your selection.  

  • Tray based “at home” whitening kits

With this range of options there will be tray somewhat similar to a mouth guard. The tray is filled with a bleaching paste or gel. The bleaching agent is based on peroxide. You better slip in this tray overnight so that the product gets several hours to show its action. This range of teeth whitening products need to used up to four weeks to get the best possible result. Tray based whitening kit can be easily custom fitted by your dentist. Alternatively you get these products over the counter (OTC) at chemist shops. The cost ranges from £120 to £500, points out an expert having years of experience is handling cases of teeth whitening in Kingston.

  • Teeth whitening toothpastes

This range of products is usually little abrasive. This variety of whitening products are made of certain chemicals and polishing agents. Thus the products prove helpful scrubbing away stains from the tooth surface in absence of any bleaching agent. Toothpastes that are meant to whiten the teeth are comparatively much reasonable in price. With this option you can brighten the teeth by one shade. Some of these toothpastes contain peroxide. But the active ingredient is not left on the teeth surface for long enough to have any noticeable effect.  

Tooth bleaching to keep the teeth white and attractive

You can bleach your teeth by a dentist or using a teeth whitening product you can have the teeth whitened at home. But under both circumstances, you must maintain the result to ensure greater value of your money. In order to maintain the whitening effect on your teeth you must brush and floss properly every day. Even thoroughly rinsing the mouth proves helpful in this aspect. Moreover it is important to break away from having foods that are acidic or have a base of tannin.  According to professionals who provide Teeth Whitening in Richmond certain beverages are better to be avoided too. The list includes –

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Red wine (in particular and consumption of white wine should be in very moderate quantity)
  • Carbonated drinks (including both light and dark coloured sodas)
  • Sports drinks
  • Sauces including soy and tomato
  • All types of food items which are strongly coloured must be avoided as well; these include berries

Teeth whitening treatment – the need to discuss with your dentist beforehand

Bleaching the teeth to remove the stains may have an unwanted side effect; the procedure can make your teeth sensitive though temporarily. Moreover the procedure may prove to be uncomfortable for those who already suffer from sensitivity in the teeth. If the bleaching agents are used inappropriately it can lead to burns. There can even be bleached gums although that bleaching wears off in a few days automatically. In fact these issues are common with “at home” Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening Wimbledon kits.

As a matter of fact whitening the teeth works better when you have yellow teeth compared to those having brownish tinge on their teeth. According to dentists working at the renowned Sw19 Confidential Dental Clinic Wimbledon Dentist teeth bleaching does not work on the teeth that are little greyish or purplish. In order to make sure teeth-whitening derives the expected results you should better discuss the matter with your dentist.

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