Are Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches Worth It?

Are CherryKailh Speed Switches Worth It

Cherry and Kailh Speed switches have been gaining popularity among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. But, are these switches worth the hype? This article will explore the differences between Cherry and Kailh Speed switches, as well as their pros and cons, to determine if Cherry/Kailh Speed switches are worth the investment.

Advantages of Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches

Light Actuation Force

The Cherry/Kailh Speed switches require a very light actuation force of just 45g, making them perfect for gamers who need a fast response time and a light touch on the keys. The switches are also very smooth and responsive, making them ideal for gamers who need a fast response time.

Improved Durability

The Cherry/Kailh Speed switches have improved durability due to their reinforced plastic housing. This makes them less prone to wear and tear, meaning they can last longer and provide a smoother gaming experience.


The Cherry/Kailh Speed switches are highly customizable, allowing for a variety of settings to be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences. This includes the ability to choose the actuation force, switch type, and travel distance for each individual switch.

Improved Tactile Feedback

The Cherry/Kailh Speed switches provide improved tactile feedback, allowing gamers to feel the actuation of the switch and the travel of the keystroke. This helps to reduce fatigue and improve accuracy, making them perfect for gamers who need a fast response time and a precise keystroke.


The Cherry/Kailh Speed switches are cost-effective compared to other switches available on the market. This makes them an attractive option for gamers on a budget who still want a quality gaming experience.

Disadvantages of Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches

Cherry/Kailh Speed switches are the latest additions to the gaming world. These switches offer a combination of speed and accuracy to enhance the gaming experience. However, there are some drawbacks to using these switches.

Faster Response Time

One of the main disadvantages of Cherry/Kailh Speed switches is that they have a faster response time than traditional switches. This means that they require more input from the user and can result in fatigue or even injury if not used properly.


Another disadvantage of Cherry/Kailh Speed switches is their lack of durability. These switches are more prone to wear and tear than traditional switches and this can lead to reduced performance over time.


The cost of Cherry/Kailh Speed switches is also a major disadvantage. These switches are more expensive than traditional switches and the cost can add up over time.


The noise generated by Cherry/Kailh Speed switches is another major issue. These switches are much louder than traditional switches, which can be a nuisance for those who prefer a quieter gaming experience.

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Overall, it is clear that Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches offer a unique typing experience that is fast, responsive, and smooth. Although the price tag on these switches may be a bit steep for some, the performance benefits make it worth the extra cost. With the added durability, silent operation, and improved tactile response, it is easy to see why Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches are a popular choice for keyboard enthusiasts.

Cherry Kailh Speed Switches

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches?

Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches are mechanical keyboard switches designed for gaming and typing. They are designed to provide a faster and more responsive gaming experience, as well as a quieter and smoother typing experience.

What is the difference between Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches and other mechanical keyboard switches?

Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches are designed to be much faster and more responsive than other mechanical keyboard switches, due to their shorter actuation point and shorter travel distance. They also produce less noise than other mechanical keyboard switches.

How much do Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches cost?

Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches are typically more expensive than other mechanical keyboard switches, but they offer a far superior gaming and typing experience.

Are Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches worth it?

Yes, Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches are worth it if you are looking for a faster, more responsive gaming and typing experience. They are more expensive than other mechanical keyboard switches, but they offer a superior experience.

What is the best way to test Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches?

The best way to test Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches is to try them out in person. Many stores that sell mechanical keyboards also have a variety of Cherry/Kailh Speed Switches that you can try before buying.

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