Where Can You Find Ruby Quality Factors?

What is a Red Ruby Gemstone

Red ruby gemstones have captured human hearts for centuries as red gemstones from the corundum family. The majority of fiery rubies have a deep red color. 

What is a Red Ruby Gemstone?

The sought-after color of rubies can range from contributing to the allure of blood-red to orangy-red, purple-red, brown-red, or even pink-red. Red ruby gemstones are so mesmerising that they have led to increased interest in colored gemstones taking centre stage recently. 

In this blog, we will unlock the beautiful red ruby quality factors of one of the most romantic of all precious jewels.

What is the preferred origin for the brilliant ruby gemstone?

Burma (Myanmar) has been the primary supplier of high-end rubies for generations. The Montepuez mine, found in Mozambique in 2009, is the world’s biggest known exceptionally high-quality ruby resource. These brilliant rubies combine rich, natural, vibrant, and deep color with all quality factors.

What is the association of fortunate rubies? 

Mediaeval Europeans wore these gorgeous rubies to symbolise health, riches, knowledge, and love. Ruby gemstones are the July birthstone and are said to bring harmony into one’s life. Its allure and symbolism of love transform it into a 40th anniversary stone, which is appropriately known as the ruby gemstone jubilee.

What Are the Hardness Parameters of Durable Rubies?

Rubies, the red variant of the mineral corundum, have an incredible lustre and glitter. Corundum is mostly made of aluminium and oxygen. It also contains traces of other elements such as iron, chromium, and titanium. Rubies are the second hardest material on the planet, behind diamonds, according to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Therefore, they are mostly commonly used in wide types of jewelry like rings, necklaces, and earrings.

What are the treatment procedures for rubies? 

These treatments are based on factors such as color intensity, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Heat treatment has improved the color of rubies, making them highly eye-catching. This heat treatment produces a consistent and long-lasting effect. Jewelers use lead glass to fill fractured and inclusion-filled rubies in order to increase their clarity and transparency. However, these are unnatural and significantly diminish their worth in comparison to real rubies. 

Heat therapy is the most typical treatment for a natural ruby. Jewellers use heat to increase the clarity and color of rubies. They apply temperatures over 1,700 degrees Celsius to disintegrate silk and enhance overall clarity and color.This can have an effect on their grade, making them a higher-quality and more desirable option for  elegant ruby engagement rings. 

Pricing of the Red ruby gemstone

Red ruby gemstones are incredible gemstones, making them more expensive and ideal than any other gem. These are the most significant colored gemstones available in the market.  The price of a ruby in India ranges from INR 5,000 ($60.40) to INR 25,000 ($302.02) per carat. There are certain critical factors considered for natural ruby grades. Incredibly valuable rubies can command very high prices due to color, clarity, inclusions, and transparency. These characteristics are a must for exquisite jewels. The cut and weight of the ruby gemstones are also considered for provenance, and rubies can occasionally influence their price in India.

Bottom Line

Rubies are a beautiful gesture for every individual and occasion. At Navratan-online gem Bazaar they nevertheless manage to reach or exceed our contemporary criteria of beauty. Visit our wide range of collections to amplify monetary value through this incredible gemstone. We love this stone for symbolising love and commitment. Buy ruby stones online.

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