What Are Available Photo Tracking Options For Photographers

What Are Available Photo Tracking Options For Photographers

Since the dawn of the internet, it’s been easy for people to share information. The sharing of everyday life is a norm in the age of the millennial. Everyone is making photos, video shorts, reels, and snaps of their daily life activities. I am a passionate photographer and like to take stills of nature. I started photography in my childhood when I received a camera as a gift on my 12th birthday. I took my camera everywhere I go and take photos of my friends, family, and any event I attend. Soon my friends realized that I am good at this and they started to call me to make photographs for their birthday celebrations, party nights, bridal shower, bachelor party, and weddings. Privacy is very important for each individual in modern times. Since I made pictures of several people I have to take care of them and make sure that my photos do not end up in the wrong hands. It’s not only related to pictures of persons but also my inner passion, photography of nature. Professional photographers charge a tonne of money for capturing such beautiful scenes of nature. The photos taken are my property, and I want to use them for purposes I desire.

Many times I send my pictures to some friends to get their viewpoint, and the pictures started circling on the web. I do business in selling these pictures to card-making and editing companies so they need to be new, fresh, and copyright-free. Since I work a lot, I tend to use multiple devices for storage and sharing. Often times I forget where the new images are, which one is already being used by me.

There are times when customers came to look for their photos and end up viewing someone else’s photos. To avoid these problems I started using the OgyMogy cell phone spy app, it sounds crazy why would I need a spy app, trust me you will be in for a surprise. There are many useful features that I used, some of them are as follows.

Photo Tracking:

All the devices I owned, my pc, tablet, laptop, and phone have this app installed in them. If I do not remember what pics I have already prepared and edited, I can access the photo tracking feature and see what pictures are being done.

Screen Recording: The tablet my customers use for viewing their pictures, can record screens. With the help of this, I can keep an eye on them, if they are trying to access other customers’ photographs.


 This has been a great saver for me, as you have already deduced about me how much bad memory I have. When I go to public events or called for professional photography I usually forget my cell phone. If it was not for this feature, I would have lost all my data and contact information. I can use the geolocation feature to track my cell phone location and retrieve it.

Switch Multiple OS Devices with the Same License: Many spy apps required different licenses to use on different OS. I work on both android operated devices, Windows and Mac to deal with different formats, so I am using only one OgyMogy cell phone spy app license to run on multiple OS devices.

Data Backup:

 Did I mention I have a bad memory, I think I did previously. I told, how I forget my devices at events or any place. What if I couldn’t recover my phone on time and had to deliver an urgent order. It is a problem I faced too many times, when a customer wants to see their pictures at that instant, or asked for urgent delivery for some photos and send the rest later. Thankgod for the data backup feature, where all of my data and order details along with pictures are saved in one place and I can send them anytime from anywhere.

But I need to remind you that it is unethical to spy on someone without their notice unless you are a parent who wants to monitor their children or a company that informs their employees in advance of using this app. The use of OgyMogy as parental control and employee monitoring feature is very common but its use for personal benefits sure is an amazing addition.  

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